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Do you feel laughing at light jokes? Or you don't show any expression when you listen to your uncle's hilarious story. However, do you believe that a smile is part of your genetics? I wonder why some people laugh and smile brilliantly, while others have a calm face. One of the reasons is that it is a matter of culture and personality. One study found that DNA plays an important role in how we react when we see something ironic. Previously, the genes were associated with depression and other negative mental states. But a new study finds that genes are likely to be involved in the overall mood of everyone.

Serotonin and the brain
Serotonin in the brain regulates mood. Appetite And desire Neurons and some of the brain communicate by releasing serotonin into the space between brain cells. Serotonin is then circulated until the protein, which interacts with the cell membrane or the serotonin transmission medium, pulls the chemical back into the cell. A few decades ago, scientists discovered a group of antidepressants (SSRIs) that block serotonin delivery mediators and are not involved in the current study. A group of scientists began looking for genes involved in serotonin transmission mediators to see if these genes play a role in mental illness.

In the 1990s, a group of researchers focused on the gene 5HTTLPR, which affects the growth of the body's serotonin delivery medium. A common person has two parts, one from the parents and two variables: the short and long alleles. (Gene model) Over the course of two decades, some studies have suggested that short alleles hold down negative emotions, from depression to post-violent stress disorder and social embarrassing situations.

But a group of scientists wondered if genes were actually dangerous. So why do most people have this gene? For example, in the current study, it was found that 7 out of 10 people must have at least one short allele. A group of researchers analyzed video data from three experiments. For the first time, attendees watch cartoons from The New Yorker and The Far Side, second time attendees watch clips from the lighthearted film Stranger than Paradise, and third time show attendees to discuss conflicts. Importantly, all participants were required to give saliva to be examined for their genetic profile. The researchers then analyzed each participant's facial expressions and determined whether their smiles and laughter were real or fake. (Referring to the wrinkles of the muscles around the eyes)

As a result, people with two short alleles smiled and laughed the most. While those with each short and one long allele are in the middle. Those with both long alleles will smile and laugh the least. The new finding says short gene patterns can make people more sensitive, both for good and for the bad. Importantly, the new study is consistent with Young's results, which found that people with two short alleles were more likely to have a larger thalamus than the average person, with this part of the brain responsible for controlling emotions. And it is for this reason that people with short alleles are more sensitive, both positively and negatively.

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