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Breitling Superocean 42 Chronograph A13311C9-BF98-161A watches for sale

The new structure of the movement, replica breitling sale equipped with "guide pillar wheel", "vertical clutch", "two-way automatic winding" system, vertical clutch and more than 70 hours of power storage device to ensure a more regular movement of the movement, giving the watch the maximum degree of functionality and safety. More innovative features are incorporated to make the movement easier to manufacture and use, including unique pointer assembly technology that allows users to quickly adjust the time to their needs. In particular, intelligent construction also simplifies the maintenance process and makes the movement an open platform for adding new functions. In the pursuit of independence, in the unremitting pursuit of quality and performance, all these are priceless assets, but also the essence of breitling spirit.

After that, breitling 01 movement was successfully equipped with the flagship Navitimer series of the brand, giving birth to the Navitimer 01 wristwatch. The excellent market response gave breitling people greater confidence. On the open platform of 01 movement, breitling has developed various powerful movements to meet different requirements.

Today, with the increasing demand of global business travel,fake watches sale B04 movement made by breitling has laid a foundation for breitling universal time timing function (GMT) watch. As one of the few automatic winding mechanical timing movements that perfectly provides convenient dual time zone display, it is equipped with an exclusive patented system for eliminating differential gear clearance, replacing the traditional pawl system, making time zone change smoother and easier without any interference to minute travel time and precision timing. Many world timepieces under breitling brand are equipped with breitling B04 movement, which provides 24-hour second time zone display through the dial and third time zone display through the ring, providing convenient and reliable use experience for travel enthusiasts. Breitling B05 is an evolutionary version of B04. It has a new design and innovation of the famous "Worldtimer" mechanical device, which is the brand's first timing movement with urban disc and 24-hour disc device.

In order to achieve the "world standard time" function, the B05 movement on the basis of B04, plus the gear transmission system connected to the differential gear planetary rack,replicas watches and this allows the system to drive the city disk. The patented new system allows wearers to quickly and easily adjust the central pointer (local time) by pulling out the crown and rotating it, while simultaneously reading 24 time zones around the world, all at once, on their wrists. B35 is the brand's first self-made automatic winding mechanism with three needles launched by breitling in 2015. It has the world standard time function. The most important feature is the revolutionary and convenient operation: all the instructions on the dial can be easily adjusted by gently pulling out the crown and rotating forward or backward by hour.

In addition, the movement USES a more delicate size, but still can guarantee not less than 70 hours of power storage function. This is mainly due to the built-in 2 clockwork boxes, to ensure the best kinetic energy storage and use efficiency; Also equipped with parallel 2 clockwork boxes, instead of the traditional series clockwork boxes, can reduce the bearing pressure of the center wheel and have very regular energy output. Two clockwork boxes are Shared at the same time, providing half of the energy required by the movement; And the special pendulum tuo also makes the fine small movement to achieve the most ideal performance. The movement has two new patents developed by breitling for the differential gear system, urban disc and the connection device of the movement, and two patents applied for B04 and breitling transocean B05 movements.

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