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This is another pair of women who have good chemistry both on screen and off screen for the good-natured bastard Louis Scott and the younger heroine Jam-Matira, who revolve around meeting again in the drama Phiphob Himmapan.

By the scenes that have been deposited today Is an incident that happened after the plane crashed And caused everyone to come to the middle of the forest And misfortune arises when the team traveling to Himmapan Forest is faced เกมสล็อต with a group of human-eating earth snakes A beast of the forest that has carried a whole herd to attack Print (Yamatira) and this team all fled to survive. Until the printing was lost from the team, but fortunately, Kris (Louis Scott) came to save his life in time.

This scene was taken to film at Pha Tai Rok, Saraburi Province. In the heat of the heat, most of the actors had to enter this scene at the same time. Would not have to say how much sweat will be And the difficulty lies in imaginative play, where everyone has to play in the same direction, imagining the surrounding earth snakes. In which all the actors in this scene have to flee to survive the imaginary horde, running, shooting and shooting. Called a total chaos, and even though there were no real snakes in existence Come into the scene to get goosebumps But everyone played it professionally. And the highlight of this scene is that 2, Louis-Yam, when Jam had to run away from the snakes until he strayed out alone. That is why Louis has to come to help. And even if it was a scene of thrill and death escape But there is still a sweetness hidden away Louise used the opportunity to drop sweet pearls into the hot jam. Until you forget the heat of the air

Follow the scene to win a romance in the drama Phiphob Himmapan EP.2 Saturday night, February 27, at 20.20 on Channel 3.

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