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What is the NHS?

NHS stands for National Health Service Jerry Rice Hat , and as the name suggests, it is the state-run, publicly funded health care service in the UK. UK citizens qualify for free treatment from the NHS, however those visiting for longer periods from overseas may not. Doctors, dentists Joe Montana Hat , hospitals, opticians and pharmacies are often all run by, or affiliated to, the NHS.

Having access to the National Health Service also allows you to access a range of specialists and consultants at facilities across the UK, as well as access to surgery when required for some conditions or injuries. Prescribed medication is also subsidised through the NHS Reuben Foster Hat , making treatment affordable with a current cost of 拢8.60 per prescription 鈥?no matter how expensive the medication actually is.

There are other NHS services you can take advantage of, including a telephone line that you can call for advice called on symptoms you are experiencing. This is called NHS 111. In addition to the helpline, there is also a website on which more information can be sought ( ). NHS walk-in centres are also now commonplace, allowing you to drop-in to see a doctor or nurse without a pre-arranged appointment. However, you can find yourself hanging around in a waiting room for several hours with waits of 2-4 hours a common occurrence.

What is a GP SurgeryMedical Centre?

Firstly Jaquiski Tartt Hat , GP stands for General Practitioner. GPs are doctors working from 10,000 GP surgeriesmedical centres across the UK. You should register with a NHS GP surgery as a priority when you come to the UK or move cities as GP surgeries have catchment areas.

If you have a health complaint or illness, your first step will be to make an appointment with your GP. Heshe can diagnose your problem and either prescribe medication or a method of treatment, or further referral to a specialist at a hospital when required. A GP should be your first point of contact before seeing a specialist as many specialist doctors will need referral letters from GPs.

Where is your closest GP, and what else should you look for?

Once you have arrived in the UK and completed your immigration process Arik Armstead Hat , you are then able to register with a local GP. You can search for a local GP through the NHS choices website ( .)

Whilst it is recommended that you register with a NHS GP, there are also other services available if you need medical attention. Private GP services do not typically require any pre-registration and can offer you speed and convenience with speaking to a doctor. MedicSpot is such a service which provides online GP appointments from its network of pharmacies at very short notice across the UK.

How much does the NHS cost?

While the NHS is free to UK citizens, students from overseas will be required to pay for healthcare if they are non-EAA citizens DeForest Buckner Hat , or no reciprocal healthcare agreement exists between the UK and your country of citizenship.

Students who are citizens in Australia or New Zealand will not be required to pay for healthcare in the UK, but will still need to complete the process via the health surcharge website. While the payment you will be required to make will be nil, you will need the unique surcharge reference number that it provides.

Students who are citizens in the EU will be entitled to free healthcare with the NHS, but to be eligible you must obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EIHC) before leaving your native country.

Should you see your GP or go to A&E?

You can utilise services such as calling 111 or visiting your local pharmacy for health advice as you may not need to see a doctor for your ailment. Otherwise, your best cause of action is to make an appointment with your NHS GP. Appointments can sometimes be made on the same day by telephoning first thing in the morning, but you may also have a wait of several days or weeks until there is availability. MedicSpot offers short notice GP appointments at an affordable price.

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