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 Betreff des Beitrags: White sneakers that match with any look
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Many people have their favorite style of shoes and believe that one of them is inevitable. It is a shoe that is easy to put on and move freely. Today, the US sneaker brand PRO-Keds introduces PRO-Keds Royal Lo White, the classic white sneaker of the brand. That has always been popular. With the features of the shoes that are made meticulously Flexible canvas material that conforms to the shape of the wearer's foot well, comes with Power Stripe, red-blue stripe on the sides The unique design of the brand That enhances the distinctive character of the shoe Can be a pair of skills to match with various styles of outfits. Whether it comes in a cool style or a sweet type This pair of white sneakers is easy to carry, like the look for the chill guy. Choose to match PRO-Keds sneakers with a solid t-shirt and skinny jeans. Looks cool and stylish.

Cool guy who chose to wear white sneakers with denim total look. Say that this look has a cool and stylish feel.

Or will come in a fashion line with sneakers And put in a chic hat prop and a small bag Get another minimalist look

Another look that can handle the cold weather very well. With the selection of long-sleeved shirts and pants in earth tone colors. Matched with the white sneakers of PRO-Keds, it looks great.

Owned PRO-Keds Royal Lo White model, priced at 2,650 baht at Central Chidlom, 3rd floor and leading department stores, or IKON stores, all 4 branches: IKON Siam Square One, 2nd floor, IKON Fashion store. Island 1st floor, IKON Zpell G floor and IKON Central Bangna 1st floor and online channel click joker123

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