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Mods for Fallout 76 are already available, Fallout 76 Items and the bold is still alone in its beta.

As spied by PC Gamer, a baker's dozen of corrective mods for the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. are on Nexus Mods, the modding bazaar breadth Bethesda's Fallout and Elder Scrolls alternation bang-up the bags of files attainable for free.

All of the 13 are corrective changes, alignment from retextures of the fishing hat, Nuka Cola bottles and even blockhead pins. Others adapt the agenda music with an acoustic guitar adjustment of the game's affair (which is appealing sweet) or "Take Me Home, Country Roads," the song acclimated in the game's business aback its antecedent advertisement aback in May.

Others accord characters affected hair colors, a atramentous Basement 76 suit, or adapt the aperture agenda to actualization a accumulating of Vault-Boy cartoons or accurate shots from the game's live-action trailer. There's aswell one that remakes the game's map in Fallout 4's map style.

In-game cosmetics abide alone for the amateur who installs them, and so accordingly won't arise to added players who don't accept the mod. Fallout 76 sells corrective items through its "Atomic Shop" for "Atoms" a new bill that is advisedly acquired but can aswell be bought for complete money. The actuality these mods don't (yet) archetype complete alternating looks in the Diminutive Shop, nor can they be apparent by others, allegedly agency Bethesda isn't too afraid about arise down on them appropriate now.

That said, accomplished mods accept gotten C&D nastygrams, but usually because they alone some third party's bookish property; to wit, a Fallout 4 mod giving players a Boston Red Sox jersey that drew the absorption of Aloft League Baseball.

These mods are alone for the PC version, of course. Instructions for installing and appliance them are on their pages at Nexus Mods. Officially, Bethesda Bold Studios has said that mods and clandestine servers will eventually be supported, allegedly through Creation Club, the modding apartment Bethesda brought to consoles in 2017. But the flat hasn't offered any affectionate of timeframe for if that will arrive.

As for how users are already modding a bold that hasn't even launched? Well, that's simple. As redditor tonightm87 said, "People apperceive this engine like the aback of their hand." If Fallout 76 launches on Nov. 14, the beta applicant will become the abounding bold Fallout 76 Armor for sale (on PC, not PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) for those who accept purchased it, so these mods will still be adequate for the abounding game.

The Fallout 76 beta continues today from 2 to 9 p.m. ET. Added beta times accept not been announced; Fallout 76 launches Nov. 14 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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