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Enhance Your Data Server Performance Through Non-Stop Performing Cisco 4948 Series Computers Articles | May 8 Air Jordan Shoes For Sale Online , 2013
Cisco 4948 series is the best networking solutions for data centers to provide enhanced performance and operational convenience. This series allows customers deploying larger data centers ?search engine sites, social networking, cloud, content and financial services as theses servers need high performance computing capabilities.

Enterprise consists on group of individuals combined to achieve common goals and make collective efforts to achieve them. Workstation is the basic necessity for every individual to work in any organization. So organizations need to setup an effective network which meets demanding needs and performs on nonstop basis. Being a market leader and customer focused Air Jordan Retro For Sale Online , Cisco introduced its catalyst 4948 series switches- providing 101001000 Connectivity. This is the most compact server switching solution occupying 1 rack unit area.? Moreover, low latency and multi-layer aggregation make it highly durable while handling work load of demanding servers and work stations. Efficient and fast wire-speed routing leads users to enjoy superior network services. 48 ports and swappable fans help theses switches to be renowned as a smart device for many SFP optics.

The Cisco Catalyst 4948 series switches are server-rack-optimized top-of-rack (ToR) solutions engineered for next generation data centers. This series allows customers deploying larger data centers ?search engine sites, social networking, cloud Air Jordan For Sale Online , content and financial services as theses servers need high performance computing capabilities. The Cisco 4948 series includes WS-C4948, WS-C4948-S, WS-C4948-10GE, WS-C4948-E Jordan Retro For Sale Online , WS-C4948-10GE-S and WS-C4948-10GE-E.

The series offers multiple benefits and features:

Wire-spread performance
The Cisco 4948 series delivers wire-spread output with low latency for data-intensive applications through 96-GPS switching fabric that includes forwarding rate of 72 million packets per second. This is engineered in such a way that switching performance remains high even the number of rout entries or layer 3 and layer 4 services are enabled. Scalability and performance is enhanced through hardware-based Cisco Express Forwarding routing architecture.

Extensive Management with convenience
Single, dedicated 10100 console port and single, dedicated 10100 management port for offline disaster recovery is engineered in Cisco catalyst 4948 series. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and Telnet client- enable network administrator to manage network remotely. Management port helps and enables Cisco catalyst 4948 to reload a new image from TFTP server within seconds. So this series offers a comprehensive set of management tools to provide visibility and control- required for server switching. The 4948 Jordan Shoes For Sale Online , being a family of Cisco switch series can be configured and managed to deliver device, traffic, policy management and VLAN services. These web based management tools offer wide range of services, including quick isolation of error conditions and software deployments.

Power Supply Redundancy for Nonstop Operation
Cisco 4948 series is engineered with 1+1 redundant hot-swappable internal AC or DC power supplies- to provide reliability for critical applications. This design provides A to B fail over when power supplies are connected to different circuits. Network administrators can mix AC and DC adapters in the same unit for superb deployment flexibility. Hot-swappable fan tray with four redundant fans provides additional serviceability.

Robust network security
The Cisco 4948 catalyst series prevents malicious and IP spoofing attacks as this series contains access control list (ACLs) Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , Secure shell version 1 and 2 protocols, Simple Network management protocols(SNMPv3) for secure remote access and network management.

Being a most deployed networking switch series, Cisco 4900 Ethernet switches enables you to maintain your data center that will be highly innovative and simple to operate. This series provides you the opportunity to secure ownership cost for longer period.

Article Source: http:goarticlesarticleEnhance-Your-Data-Server-Performance-Through-Non-Stop-Performing-Cisco-4948-Series7562342
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